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Madame Butterfly

Madame Butterfly

Madame Butterfly

Scene from Carmen



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A 2001 RAND Report, The Performing Arts in a New Era, offered a comprehensive twenty year review of performing arts organizations and their financing.  The authors revealed that many organizations were facing great difficulty in attracting enough revenue to cover their costs and predicted that many would likely disappear in the years ahead.  The National Arts Index, which measures the Vitality of Arts and Culture in the U.S., confirmed these findings in its 2013 annual report and also painted a riveting picture of the swift and devastating impact of the recent “Great Recession” on the arts.  The authors conclude that even with significant economic recovery since 2011, the arts continue to struggle due to slow rebounds in philanthropy and community support.

In spite of all predictions and trends, Phoenix Opera continues to thrive! 


We are debt free and our future looks very bright. 

But ticket sales alone cannot sustain the vitality and grandeur of our performances.  Only philanthropic support from the community can maintain the quality of the operas we produce ... bringing the most talented singers, musicians, sets, costumes, lighting and direction to the stage.  

Help us continue to bring the world’s most beloved operas to life!  

Please join us.  We welcome your support.