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Dec 01, 2009

It was my first opera, so I was not sure that I would like it, but enjoy trying new things and love the theatre. It was everything I could have asked for and more. Bravo!

- pepper54
Dec 02, 2009

The energy and skill of the performers made this a memorable event to attend. Costumes and set were perfect. The dancers divine. Carmen's role was magnificently rendered. I loved it. My favorite moment: every moment.

- sjd1
Dec 02, 2009

It was a great production with more than 50 cast members on the stage at once. The lead players were very good actors and singers. Carmen's seductive song and dance were mesmerising.

- Anonymous
Dec 03, 2009

To see a live performance of Carmen was on my list of things to experience before I die(not soon I hope). I was certainly not disappointed in Victoria Vizin's performance as Carmen; it had me, and I am sure the rest of the male audience, ready to follow her back to Hungary. Arnold Rutlowski, in his passionate rendering of Don Jose, also delivered in voice and presence. Jennifer Nagy was a perfect Micaela and I was quite impressed. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance of the entire cast and orchestra...

- kenfroe
Dec 03, 2009

It was more than I expected...the orchestra, the costumes, and of course the magnificent voices.

- angouleme
Dec 03, 2009

Just a wonderful rendition of a fine opera! Beautiful set, fabulous cast! Victoria Vizin played a great Carmen and has a wonderful voice. Arnold Kutkowski was wonderful as Don Jose. I could easily see why these performers were brought to the states to play these parts. Bravo!

- Johnye
Dec 04, 2009

The Friday night Carmen was excellent. Well sung, well staged, well conducted and played. Georges Bizet would be proud and Phoenix should be proud. International talent combined with local talent of the highest caliber in a theatre made for opera. This was a memorable experience.

- Gregger
Dec 06, 2009

The choice of this Hungarian singer to play Carmen was perfect. Viktoria captured her role and truly turned up the heat. You have to go see the Sunday matinee performance at the Orpheum in Phoenix. I highly recommend it.

Dec 06, 2009

A top-notch professional production worthy of any major city in the country. Carmen played as a tease, a wench, strong, self-confident, fully-realized. Great acting and singing. All singers with excellent voices, stage direction that was fully-realized, nuanced, providing great support to the action and story of the opera. Sets that looked "right" for Carmen. Outstanding voice and performances by Micaela, Don Jose and Escamillo. The Phoenix Opera got it right!! The theatre needs to be packed for each performance.

- Minderful
Dec 06, 2009

Beautiful production! World class singers! The sets and costumes were amazing.

- Divamom5
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